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We're Sisters!


Brittany                                                                  Krista        

     Brittany is a writer at heart. Their dad will tell you that he should have bought stock in Barnes & Nobles! When she wasn't saving her lunch money for more books, she was filling journal after journal with stories.

     She grew up to become a freelance writer and social media manager.  Currently, Brittany has written over 400 articles for magazines, newspapers, and online publications. As the mother to one son, Brittany will tell you that she adores books that make her laugh out loud whether it's dragons eating tacos or carrots creeping around. These days you will find her drafting, creating, and illustrating children's stories that are twisting tales and creating smiles everywhere.

Krista has always loved to draw and create crazy stories that made everyone giggle. At school, she had drawing competitions with her friends solidifying her love for artwork. As she got older, she toed the line between chasing her dream to write/illustrate and her love for math which became another one of her passions. 
     Krista dove into the world of learning and earned multiple degrees including one in engineering. From this she as gained over 10 years of experience in graphic design and animation which she loves to use as a part of her illustrations. Krista enjoys being a strong female mentor to her daughter and will tell you she never stops imagining and creating children's stories... especially hilarious ones.



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